Gillian Russell

Philosophy Professor


Please feel free to email me if you’d like access to any of the papers below.


New Waves in Philosophical Logic
co-edited with Greg Restall (Palgrave MacMillan, 2012)

Truth in Virtue of Meaning: a defence of the analytic/synthetic distinction
(OUP, 2008)

The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Language
, co-edited with Delia Graff Fara (Routledge, 2012)

Papers (published or forthcoming)

Book Reviews

Other work

Drafts available. Please email me at gill dot k dot russell AT gmail DOT com for a copy.

  • Could knows that be inconsistent?—a critical response to Matt Weiner’s “The (mostly harmless) inconsistency of knowledge attributions”

  • Social Spheres: Logic, Ranking, and Subordination” for a volume of Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science on Feminist Logic, edited by Audrey Yap and Roy Cook.

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