Gillian Russell

Philosophy Professor at UNC Chapel Hill


I’m a philosopher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Things that I work on: the analytic/synthetic distinction and other issues in the philosophy of language, barriers to logical consequence like Hume’s Law, various issues in the philosophy of logic, such as logic’s epistemology, the normativity of logic, pluralism in logic etc. You can find out more using the menu to the left.

I used to work at Washington University in St Louis. ┬áMy Ph.D. is from Princeton (2004) and before that I was an undergraduate at Scotland’s University of St Andrews. Along the way I’ve been a Killam Memorial Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Alberta, a visitor at UC Berkeley and at Melbourne University, and a visiting fellow at Tilburg Center for Logic and the Philosophy of Science in the Netherlands. Here is a copy of my CV (pdf).

Slightly more fun: here’s an interview in 3:am Magazine.